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The Art of Being

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David C. Sacco
If we consider art to be the tangible expression of an enriched soul, at ver least, a visual interpretation of a journey into the realm of "truth" as defined by beauty, an artist then may be considered as a conduit capable of capturing the connection between daily reality and the brief glimpses of insight into the Absolute. With this in mind, David Sacco, Jeweler, Goldsmith, Designer, is undeniably an artistic genius.
Born into adversity to up-state New York parents, David's early exposure to the art community and his intrinsic sense of design along with his devout practice in personal spiritual development, has led his talent to World Class status. Since 1981, David has lived on Maui producing fine art jewelry for locals and visitors.
Ingenuity and excitement pervade the environment of Sacco's elegant Master Touch Gallery located in the heart of Makawao town. Visitors to the gallery may likely find the artist, as I did, engaged with customers seeking his artistic expertise. Prior to our meeting, I had the opportunity to observe Sacco discussing with a customer, the commissioning of a unique wedding tiara to be worn by the client's daughter. Not knowing that this was the artist himself, I found myself intrigued by this warm, grounded and passionate individual as he clearly displayed a capacity for human interaction and understanding as well as a perceptible wealth of creativity.
Upon formal introduction, Sacco proves to be very open; discussing his humble beginnings as a jeweler/artist and highlighting on the extensive credentials by which he has grown into a master of the craft. David also explains about the aspects of his personal journey and spiritual development, a cultivation that apparently lends an equal importance to success and perpetuation of the artist. Sacco is touched by loving humans interactions and rejoices in bringing this quality into his life and works. Because of his deep desire to celebrate life, David's creations serve as more than mere ornamentation. Like the artist himself, the pieces are rich expressions of human aspiration. His jewelry clearly transcends the mundane - exquisite, functional, elaborate and breathtaking. Sacco believes that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the luxury of his works. Interestingly, this luxury for David is not defined by the symbol of status that fine jewelry invites, but in the fact that a piece of his jewelry is a badge of achievement - a masterpiece that captures a genuine feeling or ideally , a moment in time which is beauty itself.
In conjunction with David's 35 years of design experience, his handful of talented apprentices and his desire to share with other the joy he has cultivated within his own life, David is absolutely capable of turning a client's vague or explicit jewelry withes into a personalized and original finished product. In the style and quality of the great masters such as Cartier, Bulgari and Bucheron, but definitely in a league of his own, Sacco uses the finest of gems and materials to capture the beauty of the elements. All works are flawlessly crafted on site as the staff implements state of the art techniques and tools. As an artist, he firmly believes in sharing with everyone the beatific ideals he brings to fruition. Consequently, David and his staff are willing to work with anyone. Despite the obvious opulence of his one of a kind pieces, signature Sacco jewelry is certainly not out of reach for even the less than affluent.
A quiet confidence pervades Sacco's being and each finished product in result speaks for itself. Sacco is intrigued by the fluidity, delicateness and elaborateness of the organic form and is therefore fond of the art nouveau style. However, and in addition his boundless innovative impulses have put him on the cutting edge of aesthetics. his works reflect a sense of unity and wholeness due to his ability to actualize the most complex of designs with clever simplicity. Even the most elaborate of expressions are consistently clean in appearance. In addition, so meticulously infused with innovation are his works that special attention is paid even to the aspects of the piece normally taken for granted.
David attributes his inspiration and endurance to a divine gift a scarcely describable force that fuels the passion of life and the life of passion. He admits that producing such a magnificent high quality adornments comes naturally for him - as if he is a treasure chest anxious to share with others the precious cargo that resides within.
It is interesting and worthwhile to examine the not so obvious aspects that David feels are implicated by his works. It is not too far reaching to agree with his belief that his jewelry is indeed an investment in the expression of who we are. It does not merely represent what money can buy, but it is also an aid one may use to cultivate that which we would like to reflect and possess on an interpersonal level. When David use his expertise to commission a work of art he is in effect acting as a conduit, a bridge of awareness between pure forms of human expression and the longing for that which enables our quest for joy.
David encourages you to "Celebrate what you do and to celebrate each other without reluctance." He reflects, "How sad is the life not lived to the fullest with kindness and generosity. Live with no regrets.
I would hate to take my last breath having even the slightest notion that I missed an opportunity to share my gifts with others, acts and expressions which have made up the stepping stones of my growing sense of fulfillment." As an artist, he continues to actualize his ideal, "There has never been love and generosity shared, which has ever been regretted...Live life in the majesty of the Kingdom it truly is."